What is My Calling?

A calling is a command from God. Our general calling is to Love God and Others (Matt 22:36-40) but we all have our individual way of carrying that general commands out. In a practical sense “Love others” means to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of your family and … Continue reading

What is God’s Goal for Us?

God’s goal for you is to make you like Christ (Romans 8:29). This is called sanctification. He uses all of life including trials and tribulations to strengthen Christ-like traits in us. Just like physical exercise makes our body suffer in order you strengthen us, trials are spiritual exercises that strengthens Christ-like traits … Continue reading

What is Faith?

Faith has three parts to be real faith:

3 Elements of Faith: Knowing God’s Word + Believing in God’s Word + Obeying God’s Word
Heb 4:12, 2 Tim 3:16-17, Psalm 119:11

  • Knowing God’s Word – You must know the right data, which is only found in God’s Word, not in … Continue reading
  • 032. Relationships: What’s the Purpose of a Relationship? (Or, Why are these kids wearing bacon suits?)


    If we are to have good relationships, we need to first understand the purpose of them. It would be like trying to try to understand how to have good bacon, without understanding its purpose. It is used for clothing? For hair styling? For skin care? As an antiperspirant? Or as food? Or as well all know, as all of the above. Continue reading